Lifestyle and Treat!

At the 1818 – Eat & Drink it is all about the glowing hot Josper charcoal grill.
The restaurant in its essence: products from near and far, exciting and creative preparation, a carefully composed selection of wines and spirits and an atmosphere that is unique even for Zermatt.

Experience what it is that makes Zermatt so exceptional – in its very essence. The atmosphere of a traditional chalet coupled with the appeal of contemporary design. Real and authentic produce tastefully prepared. Selected wines. And a bar just made for the first and last drink of the evening. Where is Zermatt, if not here?

Grilling on the Josper charcoal grill, with its exceptional high temperature (300 to 350 ° Celsius), permits the meat, fish and vegetable to remain juicy. The natural grill taste is given and the pieces have an aromatic and archaic crust.

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Opening times:

Monday to Saturday:
Bar 16.00pm - 24.00pm
Restaurant: 18.30pm - 22.00pm

Sunday: closed

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