Coronavirus Disease

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Dear Guests,

We have drawn up our protection concept to ensure your personal safety, and also in order to keep our employees safe. The concept is updated continuously in line with the recommendations and requirements issued by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Cantonal guidelines. Here is a selection of these measures:

- All employees have received effective, ongoing training on the protection concept that applies specifically to their area of activity.
- Our employees attentively implement all recommendations and mandatory measures announced by the Federal Office of Public Health. In particular, they are instructed to go into isolation at home if they experience one of the symptoms of COVID-19.
- All employees who are in contact with guests for more than a quarter of an hour and at a distance of less than 1.5 meters (spa therapists) must wear protective masks. Also, all guests are requested to wear a mask during treatment.
- Hand disinfectant is available in all public areas.
- All handles, lift operating buttons, handrails and counters, etc. are disinfected thoroughly and frequently.
- In all restaurants, our table allocation will ensure that distancing of at least 1.5 meters can be maintained.
- Chambermaids and porters are strictly obliged to wear disposable gloves, which are only used once for each room. Protective masks are also worn.
- Whenever possible, a room will not be occupied for at least 24 hours after it is vacated. Comprehensive deep cleaning with suitable disinfection is a standard procedure.
- Whenever possible, all kitchen staff wear protective masks and gloves while working.
- The lift may only be used by more than one person at the same time if the passengers are family members or individuals from the same room.
- We request you to comply very closely with all the hygiene regulations and to maintain social distancing.
- If you have experienced any symptoms of coronavirus infection (such as fever, cough, loss of sense of taste and/or limb pains) in the ten days before you are due to travel to us as a guest, please be sure to contact your family doctor before commencing your journey.
- We also request you to notify us immediately if you experience any symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 within 48 hours of checking out. These symptoms include acute inflammation of the respiratory tract, cough, sore throat, breathing difficulties, fever of 38°C or more, muscle pain and sudden loss of taste. Also, please contact us if you test positive for the virus within the same period.
The hygiene and safety measures are adapted regularly in line with the latest recommendations from the Federal Office of Public Health and the Canton.

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding coronavirus and the measures implemented in connection with it.

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(Last update: 03.08.2020 / 10:44)
Current information from the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health) on the coronavirus:
Coronavirus Disease