Japanese seductions

Our mission is to bring authentic Japanese cuisine to the Alpine village. Our recipe for success is an ultra-talented kitchen crew that has learned its craft in Japan, and an uncompromising approach to quality and freshness. Sample freshly-made sushi and sashimi, specialities from the teppanyaki grill and other dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun.


Table reservations: +41 27 966 87 39

Restaurant Myoko
Tempel 2
3920 Zermatt

A fish called sushi

The ground floor level of the Myoko is all about sushi and sashimi.

Prepared to perfection, served with dedication: enjoy sushi creations of raw and smoked fish, seafood, nori, vegetables and tofu in an authentic Japanese atmosphere. The very freshest of ingredients and the highest standards of quality treat your taste buds to a special culinary experience, Japanese style.

Grill acrobatics

On the first floor of the Myoko you can watch from the front row as your teppanyaki is prepared.

Seated directly at the teppanyaki grill, you can watch the culinary acrobatics of the chefs at work. Meat, fish, shellfood and vegetables are laid out on the grill, expertly positioned, chopped, turned and, if the recipe so demands, flambéed. Just watching is an experience in itself, only to be topped by the moment when the finished dish is served – and you can finally taste it.

★★★★ - 5/5 Stars

Teppanyaki is always fun. Having food prepared in front of you a talented and friendly ‘cook/performers’ makes for a fun evening. The quality is first class from the sushi to the mains. Try the eel nigiri and the lobster teppanyaki!

Make a reservation as the restaurant is very well attended by tourists from Japan and every country you can imagine.

August 2018: Adrian S. on Tripadvisor

★★★ - 4/5 Stars

We were so happy to have sushi after travelling for 4 weeks eating Norwegian and Swiss food. (Nothing wrong with these dishes, but a change was welcome.)

We would have never tried sushi in the Alps, had I not read favorable reviews on Trip Advisor! The sushi was excellent. We had about 8 types. All were good!

It was a quiet restaurant and the service was superb. The owner or manager talked to us to see how we liked the food. He said that there is a high percentage of tourists from Japan, so hence the success of their restaurant. I believe there is some sort of "sister city" relationship between Zermatt and a town/mountain in Japan. The mountain there is named Myoko.

August 2018: Claire W. on Tripadvisor

★★★★ - 5/5 Stars

Translated with Google Translate: Delicious experience to discover Japanese gastronomy for our children. Welcome and welcome advice. Quality and freshness of fish, sushi and tempura. Zen garden terrace, just beautiful and exotic in the majestic mountains surrounding Zermatt. An unforgettable holiday souvenir at the foot of the Matterhorn!

July 2018: Thierry G. on Tripadvisor