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Nescens Treatment
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Welcome to our
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The smooth, flat water reflects the impressive architecture above. The glass facade lets in that special kind of light you only find in the mountains. One more stroke and you are out in the open, swimming in the clear air of the Alps. Follow your swim with a treatment or a visit to the sauna.

Opening times

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool: 20 x 8 m indoor pool, water temperature 28 °C
Whirlpool: two pools with a view of the Zermatt mountains, depth 1.45 m, water temperature 35 °C
Children's pool: separate pool, depth 40 cm Here you can let your children splash around to their heart's content.
Outdoor pool and lawn: a green and peaceful oasis in the centre of the village during the summer months

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Activity and relaxation,
fun and tranquillity


Finnish sauna: up to 85 °C, changing aromatic infusion every day. Say goodbye to tiredness and give your immune system a boost.
Biosauna: 50–60 °C, with chromotherapy. Enhance your sense of wellbeing and feel your cares slipping away.
Steam baths: 40–50 °C, eucalyptus infusion. Free your airways and benefit from the reviving power of inhalation.
Footbaths: hot and cold treatments. Bathe your feet and indirectly benefit your entire body.

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Mont Cervin Hotel Zermatt MCP Wellness 085 1

Relax and fitness area

Relaxation room: with heated loungers. Relax before your next session in the sauna or after your spa treatment.
Fitness room: strength and cardio area with modern apparatus. A personal trainer is available on request.

Massages & Treatments

Special treatment rituals, exclusive care products: close your eyes and enjoy your own personal indulgence. With every stroke the masseur eases away a little of your everyday cares, with every treatment you feel a little more relaxed and alive. Our Beauty Spa Reception will be pleased to advise you.

More information on the treatments we offer is available in the Spa menu and with the product line of Nescens.

Nescens Treatment

Our signature massages

Detoxifying, stimulating and draining, this exclusive massage
targets all muscle and energy routes, concentrating mainly on your
most sensitive areas as part of a long-term preventive approach.
This results in long-lasting relaxation. Combined with the use of a
vacuum cup devise for the 80 min treatment, this massage releases
blockages and eases tension.

50 Min. - CHF 175.–
80 Min. - CHF 250.–

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With its gentle pressing motion combined with targeted stretching,
this therapeutic massage provides both physical and mental
relaxation. It releases accumulated tension caused by daily
routines that are often intense and stressful, freeing the body from
abdominal discomfort. This treatment also improves
quality of sleep, the capacity to recover from jet-lag as well as the
ability to relax. The 50 min and 80 min treatments include key
stretching phases for total relaxation.

50 Min. - CHF 175.–
80 Min. - CHF 250.–

Spa Nescens Zermatt

This massage soothes muscle pain as well as avoiding aches and soreness due to the release of lactic acid, while preventing muscle damage. it promotes blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles involved in physical exertion. It guarantees better recovery and significantly improved performance.

50 Min. - CHF 175.–

20200115 Schweizerhof Zermatt RS 2686

Nescens Facials

A combination of exclusive anti-aging massages and the biological properties of cosmeceutical preparations endow Nescens treatments with unique anti-aging bio-mechanical effectiveness. Combining technicality with absolute comfort, the Nescens treatments develop all their potential when dispensed in programs or closely-spaced sessions. Suitable for women and men.

20200115 Schweizerhof Zermatt RS 2605

Nescens Bootcamp Day

An exceptional natural setting
The fairytale Alpine environment of the Mont Cervin Palace nurtures a profound, long-forgotten sense of well-being. The pure, fresh and invigorating mountain air, the majestic Matterhorn, omnipresent nature: all the essential elements converge to enable you to savor the almost organic joy of feeling entirely in tune with the world. Another world...

Wandern Am Fusse Des Matterhorns

Enhance your body and mind

Gym & Personal training

In our strength and cardio area you can build your stamina, enhance your agility and improve your fitness on modern equipment. We can also provide you with a qualified personal trainer on request to fine-tune your workout to your personal needs. For more information please contact the Pool Reception.

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