The positive impact of light for your health

By disconnecting ourselves from nature, by replacing daylight with artificial lighting, we are destabilizing our organisms, which for thousands of years have lived in harmony with the environment. What if today’s knowledge, combined with the latest technologies, realigns us with our ancestral needs?

“Our lifestyles have a direct impact on our health, and in this respect, modern comfort is not all positive,” says Dr. Gaille, a specialist in anti-aging and longevity medicine at Clinique Nescens. As proof, he continues, “chronic diseases are more common today than a century ago, even though medicine has evolved. This is particularly true when it comes to light. The more our cells receive good light energy from nature, the better they function and the healthier our organs and our entire bodies are.

In other words?

Natural light synchronizes us with our biological rhythm, known as circadian, which is based on a 24-hour cycle. Morning light, which includes a strong blue component, gives the signal to wake up by blocking the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin and by boosting the secretion of cortisol, which provides the energy to function properly during the day. Evening light, which is redder and has less blue in it, enables the secretion of melatonin, which prepares the body for sleep and detoxifies the brain. In the middle of the day, when the full spectrum of the rainbow is at its peak, the contact of sunlight on our skin leads to the production of vitamin D, a precious ally of immunity.

So are modern lives not in tune with our basic needs?

In winter, we sometimes don’t even see daylight… “We can compensate for this lack by simple behaviors, in order to capture the light during three important moments, assures Dr. Gaille. In the morning, walking or biking to work is an excellent way to fill up on blue light, while practicing a physical activity and working on your breathing. In the middle of the day, when the light peaks, a 15-minute walk is enough to synthesize your daily dose of vitamin D (except in the heart of winter when it is advisable to lengthen exposure). And in the evening, at home, reducing light intensity, engaging in a relaxing activity and unplugging screens saturated with blue light is the best preparation for falling asleep.

Technological accelerators

Moving further, sophisticated equipment is now available to boost energy production, with excellent health results. The photobiomodulation panels offered at Clinique Nescens combine red and infrared light LEDs that act on cellular energy production. This reduces inflammation, joint and muscle pain, as well as improving blood circulation, recovery and sleep, while also boosting the skin’s collagen production and thus smoothing wrinkles. It also helps treat certain skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis. The likewise highly effective MLX long-wave infrared dome and the infrared sauna focus on eliminating toxins, water retention and cellulite. “In addition to these advanced technologies”, adds Dr. Gaille, “we organize sleep workshops in spaces lit with red lights and equipped with electromagnetic waves that stimulate the brain, as well as guided meditation sessions to learn how to reproduce the conditions of a restorative nap.” These activities are part of Clinique Nescens’ exclusive Reset Cure program based on the four pillars of prevention and health optimization: nutrition, sleep, stress management and exercise.

The skin also needs light!

Far from the idea that all light sources are harmful to the skin, Dr. Sophie Menkes, Medical Director of the Center for Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine at Clinique Nescens, points out the extreme interest of infrared laser radiation, which acts right down to the deep layers of the derm in order to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen fibers and activate the skin’s repair mechanisms. “As part of the 3-in-1 rejuvenation protocol that we offer at Clinique Nescens and which is unique in Switzerland,” she explains, “we combine this technology with the injection of thick hyaluronic acid, which restores facial volumes, as well as more fluid hyaluronic acid, for deep hydration of the skin. The key is to combine several techniques in order to obtain the best results, meaning reconstituted, toned, regenerated and fully hydrated skin with a fresh allure. Above and beyond that, people can also choose to make the most of Clinique Nescens’ holistic approach combining health, well-being and beauty, because everything is linked!” she concludes.

This article is an excerpt from La Réserve Magazine N° 29 by Michel Reybier Hospitality, which you can read here.