Ristorante Capri

Perched atop Le Petit Cervin, Capri is a culinary gem in the enchanting destination of Zermatt, offering an unparalleled Italian dining experience. Vincenzo Tedeschi, the talented resident chef, and his esteemed boss Salvatore Elefante, a Capri native with a stellar reputation, have joined forces to create one of the finest Italian restaurants in the country.

Their recipe for success? A dedicated brigade who return from a demanding season at sea to bring their passion to the picturesque Matterhorn village. The impeccable service, which reaches the heights of “Palace” standards, complements the culinary excellence. The Brigade’s unwavering commitment to delivering the essence of southern Italian cuisine is evident in every aspect – from the quality of the ingredients to the perfection of each dish.

What sets them apart is not just their culinary prowess, but their genuine connection to their craft. The art of making pasta or risotto isn’t learned from textbooks or the internet; it’s ingrained in their roots, stemming from a deep-seated intuition cultivated through generations of family experience. At Capri, flavours come from the heart, creating an authentic and unforgettable dining experience.